This is my story of how I found Heidi and how great my hair turned out. Long story short, I was supposed to go kwith the bride to her “hair person” but then the “hair person” was complaining of how many people wanted their hair done. I took it upon myself to find someone else who would enjoy fixing/doing my hair.  I found Heidi on http://Yelp.com, which I use for new places to go to and find reviews.  Heidi is super nice and sweet and willing to listen to what you want.  My hair was perfect…I really mean perfect.  I got compliments all night long on my hair and people were asking where I got my hair done.  I felt like a million bucks and my makeup done by MAC…I was the hottest bridesmaid.  LOL My hair/curls stayed in all night and I was dancing like a rock star.  She has great prices and flexible.

In addition, she did the flower girl hair also! REALLY ADORABLE! The girl is 5 years old and the hair was intact all night 🙂

I can’t wait to get married this year, so Heidi can do my hair!Nineveh S., 4/28/2009


After a super yucky, impersonal, overpriced, experience at La Belle in Palo Alto, I came running to Heidi only two weeks before my July 10 2009 wedding. Heidi stepped up like a champ. I came with the same messy jumble of 48 pictures that I took to La Belle, and Heidi did something way better. An updo that was far more organic and playful, like I’d asked. See here (http://blog.loicphoto…. i’m the bride)

My finicky bridesmaids couldn’t decide until the last minute if they did or did not want their hair done, and Heidi accommodated the last minute schedule changes.

And best of all, she was so calm and pleasant on the day of. The last thing you need is extra stress. She snuck in on-time, set up her station, did her thing and silently stepped out.

Heidi is your new hair best friend. I promise. – 10/9/2009



I found Heidi on [yelp] and am so GRATEFUL!  She did a fabulous job with my hair for my wedding.  It was indian wedding which required a fairly heavy see-through veil, and she managed to do a beautiful updo.  It was great having her travel to where I or my sisters were…made the wedding day process convenient.  See the pictures for yourself!Asra G., 1/6/2008


After a bad experience with my first trial run, I was nervous about finding someone to do my hair for my wedding. To make it worse, I live out of state, and would only be flying in three days before the wedding. I found Heidi on Yelp and decided to give her a try. She was able to fit me in with only a few weeks notice, and we were able to do a try run at the salon she works at. I was pretty happy with the trail, but decided I wanted my hair half-up/ half-down for the actual wedding. On the day of the wedding she came to my house and curled my hair, pinning half of it up. It looked great! She also did my sisters hair. She was fun to work with and professional.  And much more reasonably priced than other people offering to do wedding hair. The only thing she lacks is a good website!Karen M., 7/11/2009




Heidi did a great job for my wedding hair!  She was on-time, prepared and did not rush at all!  She finished the style within an hour and half and waited until I put my wedding dress on to take a final look at my hair before she left; she had to make sure everything was in place/ perfect!  I was so happy with the turn-out; the style lasted the entire day.  Heidi is very professional, genuinely nice, and amazingly creative!  Thanks Heidi!Christina M., 8/27/2008

Photo by Erica Berger


Heidi did my hair for my wedding. She met me for a trial run and I was totally disorganized. I had some ideas and some pictures of what I wanted. But I had no idea how I wanted the end product to look like. Heidi asked me questions while she was doing my hair. Each strand of hair was getting placed per my instruction based on what I like and what I didn’t like about what she was doing. We ended up with the perfect style for me. Then we put my birdcage veil on. I was pleased.

By the time my wedding rolled around, I had changes to my veil position. Heidi adeptly made my changes. Also at the last minute I needed Heidi to style the hair of three more girls. In a little over two hours, she did my hair, all three of my bridesmaids, and two cousins. She was fast and on time at 5:30 AM. The girls were picky and needed her to make style adjustments while she was doing other girls styles. She worked competently and didn’t get frazzled even though we held her over time and she needed to leave.

I had a birdcage veil that I wanted to remove at the reception. We were all afraid my custom curls would collapse by the time reception rolled around 12 hours later. That didn’t happen. My hair was as fresh as if Heidi was touching me up all day. Not one curl was out of place. Not one curl collapsed.

Heidi is super sweet and great to work with.Jen O., 4/12/2009


I highly recommend Heidi if you are looking for a wedding day stylist in South Bay. She is an excellent stylist who is also very professional and easy to work with. She did the hair for both myself and my Maid of Honor. We were both extremely happy with how our locks looked! Amazingly, they still looked good hours later, even after enduring an entirely outdoor wedding. Not only did she do a great job, she came to us (very convenient) and was super prompt. I highly recommend her if you are looking for somebody awesome to do your hair.Daisy G., 9/11/2008


Heidi did a fantastic job!  She was early, fast and fun to work with.  She did hair for my wedding, 3 bridesmaids, 1 flower girl and my mom.  We all looked fantastic and our hair held up through the night!  I would definitely recommend her services!Tara C., 10/29/2008


Heidi did a great job for my bridal party wedding hair. She did hair for me, my 3 bridesmaids, my mom, mother-in-law and a little girl. Everyone loved their hair and we got so many compliments throughout the day. Hair stayed perfectly for 15 hours. Heidi showed up in my hotel room on time when everyone was still sleeping ;-), she made sure we had enough time to get ready. She helped us with our hair accessories and showed my bridesmaid how to put the veil and take it off. Her price is very reasonable and she charges low travel fees. She’s very professional, kind and a good listener. I would recommend her to any bride. – Jen C., 9/15/2008


I would definitely recommend Heidi for all your wedding day hair needs.  Heidi gave me a wonderful hairstyle for my wedding that my husband abosulutely loved and still talks about today!  My hair stayed put together all night and my wedding and reception were outside!  I loved my hair so much that I had Heidi cut my hair the next week, which was also fabulous!Rebecca E., 7/5/2008


Heidi just did my wedding hair and it was wonderful. She was extremely professional, showed up on time, and was very accommodating to two other  ladies who decided to get their hair done last minute. All of my bridesmaids and I looked beautiful and the hair stayed all night! I was so happy, the next day I had her cut off all my hair that I’d been growing out for the wedding and the new cut is very cute! – Alexis I., 9/28/2008


Heidi drove all the way from West San Jose to Fremont to do my hair and my maid of honor’s hair for my wedding.
My hair does not hold curl in the bay area. No amount of gel, mouse, or hairspray – no curling iron, hot rollers, or overnight cold curlers have ever gotten my hair to curl. The first half of my hair always fell completely flat by the time I finished curling the second half. I thought I was going to just have to deal with limp, ultra straight hair for the wedding. Heidi worked miracles. My hair had body, style, and unbelievable curl.

My maid-of-honor has so much hair that it takes 1.5 hours to blow dry even after she pays someone a lot of money to thin it. She just has massive amounts of hair. She can curl it or she can iron it and it always looks good. However, Heidi did things to her hair I did not think possible without synthetic hair pieces. You have to see it to believe it. – Kat, 8/6/2008


I was the photographer at a wedding Heidi did hair for on August 20th, 2010. Heidi was sharp on time – 7am (early start!). She came on location, fully equipped for 4 bridesmaids, 2 flower girls and the bride. She was to be done by 10:30, which I thought was a feat by herself.
Heidi was great in giving advice on the type of hairdo that would flatter the bridesmaids best. She listened very carefully as each bridesmaid explained what they liked about photos they’d seen, an changes they wanted to make as she went along. I was amazed at the fact that most of the bridesmaid were researching the hairdos the morning of, and that Heidi was able to pull it off on the spot. She was super ready and a very good listener.
The bride had short hair, which I would imagine would be a challenge, but she managed to change her look and give it that romantic and stylish feel that suited her dress.
Altogether in just 3.5 hours, she pulled off some long curls on the 2 flowers girls, some side buns and curled updos on the 4 bridesmaids (each was different), and a wavy / curled do for the bride, which makes for the whole gamut of hair you can see on 7 people, all while smiling. Very impressive.


11 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Heidi is awesome. She was fast and accurate. I showed Heidi a couple of pictures I liked and I asked her to do something similar. She combined the styles to get something unique. I had a couple of updos done in my life, but I never felt I had so much hair! It all looked perfect, all the details were right. The back looked so nice that I regreted I had a veil. Other people loved my hair too 🙂 She also made a very cute updo for my bridesmaid, who has pretty short hair.

  2. Heidi was everything I could ask for. She was creative, efficient, and very easy to work with. She created 7 different hairstyles for me and my wedding party on the day of my wedding, and everyone loved their hair! She did it all so efficiently, we didn’t feel rushed at all getting ready, and we all really enjoyed the experience. She came to our location and made it really easy for me! My hair lasted the entire day without giving me a headache 🙂 Thanks Heidi!

  3. Heidi did my hair for my wedding, and she is amazing! I definitely recommend her. I did a trial run with her at the salon in Willow Glen, and then the day of the wedding she came to the site and styled my hair and my 2 young flower girls (ages 1 1/2 and 6 1/2 yrs old). She is wonderful to work with! She listened and worked with me to create a style that made me feel beautiful, and one that lasted the entire night…dancing, hugging, pictures, toasts..the works, and my hair still looked great 8 hours later! She helped me attach my veil, and also did a great job working with my 2 flower girls. I’d have Heidi do my hair again for a special event in a heart beat!

  4. Chris S.
    Santa Clara, CA
    I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Heidi. I was looking for a hair stylist for my Winter 2010 wedding and I found Heidi on Yelp. I was impressed by her rave Yelp reviews and photos of her past work on her website. I appreciated her suggestions during the trial run, which put me right at ease. My main concern was that I didn’t want to look at my wedding pictures and not recognize myself. I wanted to look my best without looking like a total stranger with a totally different style. For the wedding, she did a a GREAT job on my short, normally limp hair. She gave my hair life, volume, and a style that suited my personality–but classed up for the occasion. Heidi did an AWESOME job on my bridesmaids too–curls for my best friend that made her look sexy spunky cute; and a soft bun slightly to the side for a classic look for my sister. Heidi was really good at balancing the hairstyle to fit each woman while maintaining a look for the overall vibe of the wedding. That was great! She was prompt in her emails before the wedding and prompt on arrival of the wedding day. I really enjoyed working with her … and she now does my haircut and color regularly!

  5. Viki H.
    Riverbank, CA
    I cannot begin to tell you how vague my directions and ideas were for my hair. No pictures. Just me sweeping up my hair and saying, “I like this for the front look, but don’t know what to do with the back….” Heidi took it from there. I am still getting compliments about how my hair looked that day and it is almost 3 months later! She did an equally superb job with my daughter the Bride and my other daughter the Maid of Honor. You really cannot go wrong with this fabulous artist. We most definitely would and do recommend her talents to all others and will certainly use her in the future! If I knew how to add a picture to this I would add all three of our ‘do’s!

  6. Tiffiny S.
    San Francisco, CA
    Heidi did an amazing job on my wedding hair. I took in multiple pictures to my consultation and she created a beautiful updo. I then asked her to note a few changes for the big day and I left a happy camper. She arrived early on my wedding day and worked happily and efficiently. It was the best updo I have ever had and couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out. For the most part, it stayed all night, even with all of my crazy dance moves. I had multiple email exchanges with Heidi and she was always prompt with her responses. She was even able to get a coworker to come and help out with the bridesmaids last minute. Life saver!! Thanks so much Heidi 🙂

  7. Marina C
    Sunnyvale, Ca
    Amazing hair stylist! Heidi deserves much more than 5 stars. I was sold on Heidi from the moment I saw her website gallery. Even though she was booked the morning of my wedding, she was flexible enough to meet me at the salon before 8 a.m.
    I showed her a picture of what I wanted from my phone and after one quick glance she said ok and started working on it. A friendly chat and 40 minutes later Heidi handed me a mirror to see the back of my head. I was shocked! I couldn’t believe the way she made my hair look- full, shiny, and complex. Every detail to my hairdo was perfect. Heidi made me look like a princess and she was able to create the exact hair style I wanted from the photo.
    BTW before I found Heidi other hair stylists told me there wasn’t much that could be done with my straight thin hair.
    The hairdo was very comfortable and lasted ALL DAY LONG. Even at night when I took out the hairpins my hair still looked good.
    I can’t express enough how thankful I am. She was quick when my time was precious, but more importantly very gentle and made me feel very comfortable.
    I came back for another style for my friend’s wedding and again it was just perfect. I’m sure I’ll be seeing Heidi a lot from now on. I wish I found her sooner as it’s not easy to find a talented professional like her.

  8. Heidi has been my stylist for 3 years now. She is an amazing professional! She has been especially helpful in coloring my hair. I now have three colors in my short haircut and I’m stopped at least 3x a week by people who tell me how much they love my hair. I do, too! Consider this a testimonial for Heidi—she’s the best!

  9. Heidi has been doing my hair for more years than she or I will even admit. She is, hands down, the only person I can trust my hair to, even when I want to go for completely new looks. When my wedding day finally came last year, choosing Heidi was easy. I dreamt up the style, and Heidi made it happen for me. We did special color to my hair for several months leading up to the wedding, so I would have my perfect base for a style. Going in for the bridal trial was super fun too. This reminds me…I’m due for a new cut!

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